Ban Teay srey

Ban Teay srey

Friday, March 24, 2017

The blue sky

The blue sky in Cambodia. It the neutral beautiful. In the Cambodia there are 2big season. It's easy live for the people of Cambodia. Today the sky is beautiful.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Banteay Chhmar temple 

Banteay Chhmar Temple is one of Cambodia’s most important and least understood temples from the Angkorian period. The temple complex, its moat, baray (reservoir) and surrounding unspoilt environment comprises a unique archaeological site and a vital link in Cambodia’s cultural heritage. For these reasons, it is now one of Cambodia’s top priorities for inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its remoteness from Angkor Wat, in part, explains the lack of in-depth documentation and study of the temple. The Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts (MCFA) is responsible for overseeing the temple complex.Banteay Chhmar is the 4th largest temple dating from the Angkorian period after Preah Khan (in Kampong Svay), Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat being the largest temple. There are nine satellite temples as part of the temple complex. In addition, Banteay Torp, another intriguing temple well-worth seeing is about 12 kilometers south of the main temple. The temple is similar in style to Bayon Temple, also commissioned by Jayavarman VII. It is one of only two sites outside Bayon with the enigmatic face towers.The stunning outer gallery walls also have bas-reliefs of military and domestic scenes similar to Bayon Temple. If put end-to-end these bas-reliefs would stretch nearly 1 kilometer.

West Baray

The west baray turk tha is a baray, or reservoir, at Angkor, Cambodia oriented east-west and located just west of the walled city Angkor Thom. Rectangular in shape and measuring approximately 7.8 by 2.1 kilometers, the west Barayis the largest baray at Angkor. Its water are contained by tall earthen dikes. In center the baray is the West Mebon, a Hindu temple built on artificial island.


Construction of the baray probably began in the 11th Century during the reign of King Suryavarman and was finished later under King Udayadityavarman II.


The Angkorian engineers who created the West Baray appear to have in places incorporated earlier construction. The east dike, for instance, appears to be largely a section of a dike that enclosed the capital city of King Yasovarman, which had the Phnom Bakheng temple at its center. In other places, the baray obliterated or submerged earlier human-made sites. The south dike, for instance, partially buried a brick pyramid temple, Ak Yum. And the western floor of the baray appears to have once been inhabited—archeological work has found wall bases, steps, and pottery shards there. An inscription stele discovered in the area, dating from 713 A.D., offers further evidence of earlier settlement, defining rice fields that were offered to a queen Jayadevi.     Early French experts believed the West Baray to have functioned as a vast holding tank for water that fed irrigation canals in dry times, allowing multiple crops of rice each year. Many later studies, however, theorize that the baray had mainly symbolic functions, serving as a vast earthly depiction of the Hindu Sea of Creation, with the West Mebon temple at its center.In modern times, an irrigation lock was built in the baray's southern dike, raising the water level and allowing provision of water to fields to the south. Today the baray retains water in its western end year-round. In the rainy season, water advances to the eastern dike. With clear, still waters, the baray today is a popular place for swimming and boat rides by local residents. It has occasionally served as a landing site for seaplanes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Srong pond

Srah Srang pond is located in front of the Banteay Kdey temple. The pond built in 12 century and by Jayavarman 7. The pond, It has maybe 700 x 300-meter size. There is a beautiful porch at over there. The pond build the end. There are water untill and scenery around in over there. There are many people visit, and they always take photo and relax with them family. All the people visited over there, they are don’t forgot the beautiful place. And they talk to them friends another people visit the place also.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kbal Chhay waterfall

             Welcome to kbal chhay waterfall. Kbal chhay waterfall is located Nang Kok village Bak Khlung commune Mondol Seyma district Koh Kong province. It may be 22 kilometer from town Koh Kong province. when you go to Kbal chhay waterfall, In your travel you can see all the place interesting in Koh Kong province. The water full area is area care natural and wildlife. You can see some kind animals rare  as Fauna animal. when you arrive there, you can see scenery beautiful place there. Kbal chhay waterfall is the place interested for visitors. The visitor from the world they always visit Kbal Chhay water fall. because there was beautiful scenery a lot. you can relax with natural beauty and cool waterfall. In sort welcome for you every time when you arrive the place.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Beautiful Places and Scenes From Cambodia You Must See

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Video about history Angkor wat

please watch video about history Angkor Wat 

The video is show a bout history Angkor wat temple in Cambodia. When you watched the video, you will to know about Angkor Wat history wonderful, including culture, civilization and greatness of the  Empire prosperity